random samples of love seen as boyfriend replicas

here she comes with another, and i'll tell ya what i know.
they all look like each other, even johnny thinks it's so...

* and all her friends think its grand, she's with her replica man,
and they look alot like you, now i'm not the one to talk,
but i thought you ought to know.

i start seeing double when she finds where you're at.
she must be looking for trouble if she's walking in with that...

they've got the same walk, the same talk,
the same bad taste in clothes...
they use the same lines that you used,
as if she didn't know...

(m.a. sample ©2007 wreckreation media group)

'blue stone drive'

'blue stone drive'

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?

lock up the house and we'll go for a ride . . .

we've been working real hard, with the days too long,
we've got to get away. . .
jump in the car, bring the dog along,
everything can wait.

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
lock up the house and we'll go for a ride . . .

just you and me and sadie makes three, we can't leave her behind.
here's a map we won't need of the places we'll see, we're going for a drive . . .

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
roll down the windows and we'll go for a ride . . .

(pianny solo!)

sadie's in the back, got beatles on the box, not a cloud up in the sky.
there's some wine in my sack, and a lil' bit of pot, as long as you don't mind.
later we'll stop long enough to eat beneath a shady tree.
and if it gets hot, we can fall asleep, fall in each others dreams . . .

* don't you think that the weather is fine, dear?
lock up the house and we'll go for a ride . . .

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 2006)

'hello, i have to go!'

'hello, i have to go!'

time to wake up!
another day and a thousand miles,
til i get a break. . .
(but you knew it would be that way! there's nothing new . . . !)
the world goes round and the sky's still blue.
nothing's gonna change . . .
(did you think it would while yer away?)

hello! it's nice to see you,
but now i have to go.
where the road will lead to . . .
hell, like i should know.

so indicative of how things just might turn out,
i never wanted this,
(it goes to show yer what you get! i wonder how she is.)
i ain't seen her since god knows when.
she knows where i've been,
and what it takes to get me home.

hello, i have to go!
hello . . .

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 1997)

'south rampart bounce'

'south rampart bounce'

(make up your own words or just bop along with the song!)

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 2005)

'everybody's doin' it'

'everybody's doin' it!'

hey joe, tell me what is happening,
don't know what it is or even when it's gonna hit.
yeah, yeah. . . i don't feel too conservative,
knocked out, sitting round, wake me when it's gonna start

everybody's doin' it!

oh no! . . . maybe we can ride it out.
let's hold on, maybe they will blow my mind!
yeah, yeah, maybe you can stick around,
oops, not now, coz' i gotta go . . .

everybody's doin' it!

yeah, yeah . . . something's quite irregular.
don't go home alone, if that's where yer gonna go.
who cares what the t.v. has to say.
stock's up is not enuff with this shit goin' down.

everybody's doin' it!

hey girl, it may fade out by saturday.
just hold on now, the truth is gonna show.
yeah, yeah . . . i don't feel too conservative,
knocked out, sittin' round, wake me when it's gonna start . . .

everybody's doin' it!

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 1987)

'to have and have not'

'to have and have not'
i love it when you smile a real smile at me.
i know just where i want to be, back in your arms again ... back in your arms ...

she breaks my heart when she does those things, when she should be a class-a lady.
she thinks she's smart when she does those things, so her reputation is slightly shady.

but i want her so much its ridiculous.
i can taste it in the air i breathe
yeah i want her so much it's ridiculous
i can't help it if she's what i need

you don't have to act with me,
you don't have to say anything,
you don't have to do anything,
but it's better when you help.

i love it when we're alone and you laugh for me.
i know just where you need to be,
back in my arms again ... back in my arms.

she takes the time to plan and design by not using the potential within her.
she's blowing her time by blowing her mind like a perpetually seasoned beginner.

still i want her so much its ridiculous,
i can taste it in the air i breathe.
yeah, i want her so much it's ridiculous,
i can't help it if she's what i need.

there's nothing wrong you that i can't fix.
don't stop me, i'm gonna try!
back in my arms again ... back in my arms.

(© parr/sample wreckreation media 2005)

'with all good intentions'

'with all good intentions'
i was gonna write you this song, but the music didn't fit and the words were too long.
and then the dog took the tape, now it's buried in the yard, i won't find it 'til spring . . .
but that's ok, i had nothing to say.

i meant to call on the phone but mom dropped in with dinner a'la yesterday.
she stayed to tell me the news about my uncle sonny-jim and how i'm headed his way.. .
but you wouldn't know 'cos i never call.

i was gonna write you this song,
i meant to call on the phone.
i'm gonna buy you some flowers,
take you out on the town,
or come by your house just to hang around.
i'll make you promises long,
i'll make you promises deep,
i'll make you promises hard,
i'll make you promises that i know i can't keep.

i was gonna come by your house with fresh-cut flowers and a bottle of wine.
but i ran into an old friend and to make up for lost time, well, we drank all the wine.
but you wouldn't know 'cos i never call . . .
ooh yeah, but that's ok . . . na na na na na na na

(© m.a.sample - wreckreation media 2005)

'you can't cheat an honest man'

'you can't cheat an honest man'
never drank nothing stronger than beer 'til I was twelve
Made up my mind what to do, then I went out, and done it
i never listened to nobody, about anything silly at all
I'd be my own man, ridin' the tail of my own comet

don't drink nothing stronger than gin, before breakfast
Martinis go down as easy, as the sunrise in the east
I strive to exceed my limits, each and every chance that I get
So what if it ain't a fit night out, for neither man nor beast

There's very little luck in the world, you better think out anything you wanna do
If you know when to stop, then you can drink 'til you drop
'coz anyway you look at it . . . there's some who win and some who lose

* Never Give A Sucker An Even Break,
Not when you know Larceny's somewhere at hand
It's A Gift -- so start counting the take
Who says you can't cheat an honest man?

I don't believe in dining on an empty stomach
I'll have a few drinks between drinks, while I wait
If I drink while I drive, and if I'm the last to arrive
It's that I started without me, just 'coz I knew that I'd be late

(© parr/sample wreckreation media 2005)

'tattered remnants'

'tattered remnants'
these tattered remnants look like ancient history
that's all that i can find
she's painting rivers in her child-like imagery
and speaks from time to time
she speaks of time, love and captivity
of everything required

*colors light on the canvas, they light on my eyes
fields of stars i've travelled in dreams
drunken data drunk at light speed
she takes me back where i've never been

in this scene i tangle w/ machinery
as she paints the sky
she paints my world in ethreal gravity
she's building lullabys
she looks to be clouded in transparency
i'm not to question why
ohh oh

i found myself waking on those hills of green
i feel that i designed
in my hands the pictures of the things to be
she never paints a lie

(© m.a.sample - wreckreation media 2005)

't.v. violins'

't.v. violins'
i'm the kid with the crazy head
i sing the song that has no end
and i'm the one who doesn't go to bed
if you believed everything they said

*because talk is always cheap
when we play we play for keeps
what it is is what you see now
we got nothing up our sleeves now
do you find this hard to believe
can you believe what you see
or do you have to see it on t.v.

he's the guy with the wild ideas
and jeff dingo leaves girls in tears
and that one there has just slipped his gears
so i guess you're gonna hear what you hear

i'm the kid that won't go nowhere
and i'm never gonna cut my hair
you say it's round i say you're square
thats what they say but i don't care
(© sample/benear wreckreation media 2005)

'it's wednesday'

'it's wednesday'
It’s wednesday, and we know what that means.
no ifs, ands or buts, no in-betweens.

I want you to hurry over, hurry, warm the car.
hurry warmth, where you are . . .

I want you to come, without a second’s delay.
as soon as you can, to see me today.

I want you to be near me, beside me and on me,
underneath the battered moon.

Don’t knock or holler, just enter the room ...
Then swish and sway, come this way ...
I want you here with me my dear.

I want your eyes on mine, as I look.
I want your lips on mine, as I cook.

When you want it, dinner will be ready.
by the way, do you like spaghetti?

If the streets are wet, it’s all the better.
I don’t mind if this rain keeps up, it keeps us wetter . . .

Turn left at Center, and make it quick!
I miss you so.
yours truly,
mr. lovesick

words: jason rollinger
music: m.a. sample
(© jason rollinger/m.a. sample wreckreation media 2005)

'(i'm never leaving) merryville'

'(i'm never leaving) merryville'
it seems like only yesterday. she left me waiting on those hills.
now i pound my boots into this ground, into the dirt that was this town. . .

i dream. i'm standing here in merryville.
i dream. i'm still here in merryville . . .

the sad, grey walls are cracked and peeled. the rain-slicked streets are jet-black still.
i smell her here, she must be near, in her presence i will drown . . .

i believe. i'm stuck inside of merryville.

it seems like many years ago she predicted, with a grin, that she'd come back to check progress and bring everything she found . . .

she leaves. i'm never leaving merryville

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 2001)


can you see the light?
see it light the sky like chinese new year.
can you feel the light ?
feel it ride the sound?
it's hot enuff to break the window.
feel it ride the sound?

just forget what momma said,
they filled her with lies and stuffed pop's head,
with the dreams they think that we should dream . . .
. . . let's go! - (unless you don't want to),
. . . let's go! - ('cause it's somethig to do),
. . . let's go! - (while the getting is good),
c'mon follow me to the hullabaloo!

can you feel the sound?
it rides the light like a mongrel melody.
can you see the sound?
see it ride the light?
tintinabulation thunder,
can you feel the light?

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 2001)

'i saw the whole thing'

'i saw the whole thing'
1) i saw the whole thing, it was a wet, cold wedensday night.
it fell from the sky, it landed over there on top that rise.
the rain was falling, the wife was calling, 'hey les you'll catch yer death!'.
but i couldn't move to save me, hell, i couldn't catch my breath.

c) now you'll just have to believe me, although it's sounds like i've been drinking.

2) i saw the whole thing and it scared me to the core.
it got as big as my house, and when i blinked it grew some more.
i finally got my bearings and started back real slow,
but when it followed me i ran as fast as i could go!

3) i saw the whole thing from the peephole in my door.
it got off the ground and flew to town and the rest is now folklore.
i saw the whole thing, and now i know that you have too.
why it started here it isn't clear, but it stared here, that's true!

c) and now i know you believe me, but i must confess i really was drinking . . . (m.a. sample/r. benear © wreckreation media 1985)

'like it or not'

'like it or not'
you can treat me like dirt, the scum of the earth, and i'll probably feel it.
still more you'll know, i won't let it show, i'll not let you believe it.

just like the guy who takes a dive in the stocks,
the kid whose dog was crushed down the block,
this is this, some things just can't stop,
i'll keep my grin, it's the life i'm in. . .
like it or not.

look past where you're at, it goes deeper than that, you need not look too fast.
and if you can't see the joke, i know there's hope, at least i know i can laugh . . .

i may broken inside with nothing to hide, that just makes me more determined.
cause when i'm feeling this way, i got nothing to say and i guess this song's to confirm it. . .

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 1983)


smile when you think that your world has got you down, and i'll stay around . . . just smile please.

smile in the face of things that you cannot change, i'll fight all the way . . . just smile please.

don't let bad days get in the way of what you wanna do.
just smile away, and that way no one will ever know.

smile when you're lost and don't know which way to turn, and i'll get you found . . . just smile please!

smile away!

(© m.a. sample wreckreation media 1979)


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